Classes for life – Classes for everyone!

Classes are €7.50 pay as you go or you can avail of our special all-inclusive package for gym & classes Monthly fee of €65 cash or €55 standing order

Beginner & Advanced TRX

€7.50 Tue 10-11am/Wed 7-8pm (beginner)Wed 8-9pm (advanced)

Women's Boxercise

€7.50 Tue 7:15-8:00pm/Thurs 7:00-7:45pm

Strength & Conditioning

€7.50 Mon 8-8:45pm/Thur 10-11am

Take training to new heights with TRX Suspension Training. All levels, all goals, all core, all the time. TRX uses gravity and motion to build your strength, endurance, cardiovascular capacity, balance and flexibility. Did we mention that this class is also tons of fun!

Get fighting fit without getting hit! Stretching, shadow sparring, pad work, bag work, muscle endurance, core work. Lose hundreds of calories per class and have fun doing it with Women’s Boxercise!

Uplift Gym’s Strength & Conditioning, Resistance Training incorporate circuit training and are perfect for having fun while burning calories. Classes are designed to be suitable for ALL fitness levels!

Adult Kickboxing

€10 Mon 7-8pm/Tue 8:15-9:45/Thu 7:45-9pm/Sat 12-1.30pm

Jr. Kickboxing

€10 Tue 6-7pm/Thu 6-7pm

Little Dragons

€10 Wed 4-4.45pm/Thu 4-4.45pm

Come to Wicklow Martial Arts at Uplift gym for Adult Kickboxing lessons. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes. Increase your fitness and overall well-being through kickboxing training. Choose to do contact or non-contact classes. Cost: €10 per class or €35 per month.

Junior Kickboxing classes are designed to help students (ages 8-13) grow physically and mentally through kickboxing, training and self defense. Classes run twice a week and all levels from beginners to advanced are welcome. Check our schedule for more information.

Our Little Dragons class is designed especially for children (ages 5-8) helping them to learn kickboxing and self defense through games and fun. This class also runs twice a week. Get in touch for more information!

Running Club

€7.50 Tuesdays @ 7:45pm Thursdays @ 7:15pm & Saturdays @ 11:45am

Flexibility & Foam Rolling

€7.50 Sat 11-12pm

Join us Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for our Running Club. Everyone welcome!

Ideal for beginners and intermediates Uplift Strength & Conditioning, Resistance Training and Flexibility & Foam Rolling Classes use a mix of high intensity and low intensity exercises to help you strengthen and lose weight in a fun and energetic environment.