Club History

Wicklow Martial Arts was established in the mid-90s, by fourth-degree black belt Gerard New. Although it initially operated exlusively in the instruction of Taekwondo, the club has since transformed itself to encompass all aspects of kickboxing and K-1, with supplementary training in other forms of martials arts and self-defence. In 2002, Marco Copolla and Simon Alvey assumed the responsibility of running the club, and under their guidance the organisation evolved into a professionally run, full-time martial arts academy. In September of 2010, the club continued to progress, moving into its current premises on The Murrough and now boasts a membership some 200 people.

Affiliation and Accreditation

Wicklow Martial Arts operates as a member of the Allstyles Kickboxing Association of Ireland (AKAI), under the auspices of the Irish Martial Arts Commission (IMAC) and the Irish Sports Council.


The club provides instruction for every age goup and opens its classes to all students, from the highly-skilled to those without any experience of martial arts. Our Little Dragons classes accept children between the ages of five and 10-years-old, and students can continue their training by virtue of our Junior classes, which cater to both new and advanced pupils. All Little Dragons and Junior classes are closely-supervised with childrens’ welfare and safety put at a premium. In addition to passing on the tenets of self-defence, classes also attempt to instill the virtues of disipline, teamwork and confidence.

All courses are age specific, though we do offer two seperate adult classes, with one devoted to beginners and another exclusively dedicated to expert students. The Adult Beginner Class provides the perfect introduction to the world of kickboxing, presenting newcomers with a step by step guide to the basic elements of training and self-defence. The Advanced Adult Class is designed for skilled students, offering high-intensity training and the prospect of competing around Ireland on a regular basis. Students that make the decision to become competitive fighters are presented with the opportunity to contend on several different levels, including light-contact, semi-contact and full-contact tournaments. Over the past several years, the club has built a distinguished reputation at all levels of competition throughout Ireland, winning several national titles in the process.


Simon Alvey

IMAC kickboxing coaching level 1
2nd Degree Blackbelt

Mick Devlin

1st Degree Blackbelt

Joe Kavanagh

1st Degree Blackbelt